Monday, February 13, 2017


Hai gais! Alhamdulillah pada 10 Feb hari tu dayah telah mendapat tawaran untuk further study di UiTM in Bachelor in Office System (Hons) .  Alhamdulillah :)

Dapat kat UiTM Jengka, Pahang. Hahahaha. Berharap sangat dapat UiTM Machang tapi semua kawan-kawan dapat Jengka. Maybe kat Machang tak ambik dah course ni kut. Bukan tak bersykur, bersyukur sangat dah tapi macam tu la hmmm jauh. Tapi takpelah okay la tu dari tak dapat langsung kan.

Macam tak percaya lah dayah dapat.  Yelah masa sekolah dulu punyer la malas nak belajar.  Betul lah orang cakap, rezeki itu rahsia Allah dan Dia adalah sebaik-baik perancang. Alhamdulillah :')

Course ni tempoh pengajian dia adalah 6 semester, tapi memandangkan dayah ni dari penerapan diploma UiTM.  So dayah just belajar 3 semester sahaja plus 1 semester praktikal. Course ni banyak gila menghafal and IT. Harap dipermudahkan lah segala urusan. hehe.  Wish me luck gais !

Thank you :)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Matte Or Moist Lipstick ?

Hi girls! After a few months I didn't update this blog so here is my my my first post on 2017. Yeayyyyyy!  In this post I will talk about "Lipstick". Waaaaa sound was so interesting right? Especially girls. Every girl has their own favorite lipstick whatever brands it is or type or texture but you cannot underestimate if the lipstick that you used makes your lips getting worse. So here is my own opinion of which lipstick is better between matte and moist for dry lips.

This kind of lipstick is my favourite all the times. I love that matte lipstick are long-lasting and natural. But if you have a dry lip, I think better you do not choose this matte lipstick because it can cause your lips look gross, wrinkle, bump and dryer. One more things, please avoid from putting this kind of lipstick when your lips peeling.  But what I hate with this matte lipstick is my lips become crack or flake, especially when I’m in a room that exposed with air conditioner. Choose the best one!

Moist lipstick is really good for everyone because it is enriched with vitamin and protective ingredients that can moisturizes your lips and avoid from your lips become dry. When you using this moist lipstick, it can make your lips soft and reduce dry lips problem. But this kind of lipstick not so long-lasting and you will feel a little bit oily. And it is very easy to remove without rubbing your lips roughly. What I do not like with this lipstick is when I’m eating or drinking something, it will fade so I should to apply more and more and more, so don’t forget to put it into your handbag and never missed it! Hahahaha

For me, I love love love with the matte lipstick. I've never the problem of dry or chapped lips.  So I think it is easy for me to choose which one I like to use.  It is depend to you actually but I’m just sharing my opinion of it.  And it is okay if you do not agree with me and stand still with your own reasons.  I'm not a makeup junkie and I not wear make up all the times, I just put a little bit mascara and lipstick and I'm done.  I wear makeup at the certain times and event je. One more things, I don't have a foundation and I'm not using it now. I think I will buy one soon.

There are some of my friends and followers on my instagram always asking me what kind of lipstick product I use. So my answer is: I use Nyx, Jordana, Silkygirl, Maybeline and Avon.

This one is from Maybelline. I forget about the price. I think RM20 something kut.

Matte fever by Silkygirl. My favorite since 2015. But now, I rarely used this one. I bought that time at RM21.90 maybe it more cheap now. P/s: this photos are from my twitter :) 

Actually I have a few more lipstick but I forget to take the pictures. Next time okay, Hehehe. If you have any tips or if you don't mind you can share with me your favorite lipstick. Leave your words on the comment section below. Thank you for reading and have a blast!

P/s: Pardon my broken english and grammatical error.

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