Sunday, January 18, 2015

3 Eyeliner Looks for Women to Try

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Want look different and stunning ? Let's try "3 EYELINER LOOKS FOR WOMEN TO TRY" . The result is certainly very amazing and you'll satisfied with long-lasting and natural eyeliner.

Women are known to always want to look nice in any way they can and this includes having the perfect eyeliner look. Some men may not know or see the difference of the eyeliner make up look but women do. However, a number of ladies may have some trouble figuring out the best eyeliner look for the face. There are three types of eyeliner looks which any women can attempt looking stunning and with confidence. The first eyeliner look is the simple basic tint on the upper eye lid. This eyeliner look is often flaunted by the ladies who want to appear natural and simple without going overboard. Women can try this basic eye look to work or even a casual day out.

Second, women who aim to attempt a sexier eye makeup appearance should opt for the pretty cat eyeliner look. The cat eyeliner look is applied with an edgy tint on the upper corner of your eyes. Apply it as the basic eyeliner look but with a slight upward tint for a ravishing style. The cat eye will definitely make every head turn into your direction. Style this eye look to parties, formal events or even on a special date with someone. Feel sexy yet sophisticated in your own skin and flirt with your eyes. 

Lastly, the women who want to have a more dramatic make up look can try applying eyeliner on their upper eyelid as well as under their bottom lashes. This eyeliner style represents closely to a smokey eye touch as it gives off a mysterious vibe to your personality. Flaunt this eyeliner appearance for an extra image boost in your low days. It will definitely help you be confident and show off the bold side you have which others hardly see. Interested ladies who are wondering where to get new eyeliners can check out ZALORA as they offer an extensive collection of eyeliner for women online from various well-known brands.   

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  1. wah i would love to try all of these but sad to say that my eyes are cacat bcs one big while the other is smaller T_T
    so cant wear eyeliner ish

  2. cantik bila pakai eyeliner tapi kalau zyra mesti comot sebab tangan gigil hahahaha


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