Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Shop MYSALE in a Smart Manner

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Me as a human being and also a girl, just like another girl who is cannot be separated with shopping. Many people do not know how to spend their money properly, so if you want shopping, I suggest you to make a smart planning before shopping. 

So, here is a few tips "HOW TO SHOP MYSALE IN A SMART MANNER" :)

We all, that includes me, need a few simple reminders on how to shop smart. It cannot be denied that we used to live with the cliché old shopping mantra ‘Shop til you drop!’ when it comes to shopping. However until it became quite a problem for me because shopping started to become compulsive, some of us knew that we better find a solution for a healther relationship to shopping. One of the solution is find better ways to shop during sales. So ladies, let see what are the "best mysale shopping tips" that you should definitely follow. It could help you to shop smart and wise in the future. 

 NEVER go out shopping without making a list first. You have to shop with a list and this is my very first rule that I have been following. This is to avoid you from overspending or buy things that you do not need. You would want to avoid spending money on things that you don’t use, right? Save your hard earned cash and precious time by preparing a list of things you only want and need to buy before you head out to the store.

 Everyone hates the ‘B’ word – budget! But oh yes, it is very important to set a budget because very often we overspend because we don’t have parameters around what we spend. Shopping without a budget is not a smart way to shop!

 Shopping with the magic plastic card aka credit or debit card tends to make us pay a lot more when we shop. The feeling these magic cards make us feel great like playing Monopoly is a real deal. So be prepared, pay with cash and stick to your budget!

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Thank you. Love xoxo :)

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